“Small space doesn’t mean small style. In fact, limited square footage often leads to more thoughtful, efficient and savvy decorating.” -Apartment Therapy.com

I know I should be writing about something festive since it’s December. For some reason, however, I’ve been on a real kick of finding great organization solutions for small spaces.  Perhaps it’s because I live in a very small space myself with my larger-than-average family.  And Christmas time always means squeezing in a little tighter to make room for the tree, stockings, gifts and decorations.  Oh, I’m not complaining.  I LOVE Christmas!  At our house, though, it always sparks thought for finding better uses of what little space we have.

If you live in a cozy, small space too, check out Apartment Therapy online for some very smart ideas.  What a wonderful resource!

New Children’s Christmas Book!

Superfluff Saves the Christmas Pets is a newly published children’s book highly recommended this holiday season!  Geared towards kids in their early elementary years, Superfluff is a secret super dog who rescues animals in trouble.  This Christmas, he is helping Santa rescue all of the Christmas puppies and kittens from ornery Jack Frost! 

Adventurous and sweet, this story is inspired by a real Bernese Mountain Dog names Zeus, who lives in the little, dog-loving, seaside town of Marblehead, Massachusetts.  It’s a must have for any child who loves dogs and any person who loves Marblehead!  Order in plenty of time for Christmas at Lulu.com!  

More Superfluff holiday stories are to come!  For more, check out SuperfluffTales.com

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