The Alternative Architect

I never thought of myself as an ‘alternative architect’ until a dear friend recently referred to me as such.  It made me stop and think hard about what he really meant.  The term ‘alternative’ to me resembles people and ideas quite different than the main-stream… such as skateboarders and alternative music; or birkenstock clad feet and dreadlocked hair; or someone who walks the path less, or even least, travelled.  The latter describes me best.

The more I thought about it, the more I became willing to embrace the idea that I am, in fact, an alternative architect.  The plain fact is that I do not stick to the norm because that’s just not who I am.  It’s something I’ve always known and even celebrated internally but for some reason I never merged that self-acceptance into my career.  And all it took was one small, off-the-cuff comment.  Isn’t it amazing how things work out like that?

That one simple comment has inspired me, can you tell?  I am inspired to be me!

I am the kind of designer who…

  • LOVES historical architecture.  It pains me to mess with a building’s original character by adding on if it can be avoided.
  • sometimes pretends to be Indiana Jane.  I am a total nerd about architectural salvage and constantly think about ways to use various items from the past in new designs.
  • appreciates clever use of materials in creative ways that do not hint of being pretentious.
  • believes excess is way over-rated.  Live efficiently, productively and with only what you really need.  If you haven’t used it or worn it in the past year, you probably don’t need it, and therefore you don’t need space to store it!
  • refuses to increase my overhead so that I am free to provide for my clients’ project needs without worrying about going over a company budget for time spent.

Wow!  That feels good!

Thank you, Michael, for being such a good and wise friend!

Now, on to new and exciting, beautiful things in 2014, including a new consultation service in locating architectural salvage materials for your next project!

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