Tiny Bathroom Solutions

A friend of mine recently bought a very sweet, but tiny house in the historic New England town where we live.  As she was beginning to move in she invited me over for a brainstorming session on efficient and inexpensive improvements.  One major priority was the bathroom, the only bathroom in the house, which is located on the second floor.

To keep the second floor layout functional and the budget to a minimum we quickly ruled out expanding into adjacent rooms. Then, the idea of an integrated shower came to mind, rather than taking up precious floor area with a shower stall.  Quite simple really, it’s where the bath floor merges evenly with the shower floor, which then slopes gently to a floor drain.  A ceiling mounted shower curtain can be used to separate the spaces when in use, and left open other times to help the small space feel much less crowded.  Expressive choices of tile and finishes will make it sing!

Here is an excerpt from a recent article on Houzz with the same idea: 9 Big Space-Saving Ideas for Tiny Bathrooms

“European-style wet bath. A wet bath is exactly what it sounds like: a bathroom where everything can (and does) get wet. This style of bath is quite common in Europe, where you will often see a tiny bathroom with the showerhead directly over the toilet, a small sink on the side and a drain in the middle of the floor. By forgoing a shower surround, you can really maximize square footage in a small space.”

modern bathroom by Winder Gibson Architects
contemporary bathroom by roomTEN design
modern bathroom by The Kitchen Studio of Glen Ellyn

To read the whole article, go to Houzz.com.

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