Winter Blahhhs

It’s winter. North of Boston. I drive down single lane roads and cannot see anything except 8′ walls of dirty snow all around me. ugh. Ugh, uGh, ugH, UGHHHHH!!! I’m ready to shout out the windows, “Give me color or give me death!” Unfortunately, no one will hear me because snow is a good acoustic absorber.

Instead, I’ve decided to splash some more color in my living room. But, I have a confession to make. If you were to come to tea, you would take a look around and immediately NOT peg me as a designer. I have four kids, a Bernese Mountain Dog, and two kittens. Under those conditions, I’m way too practical! (My husband and I have decided to save up all of our Pinterest ideas and capitalize on them when the kids go to college. And number one kid is on her way this Fall! Woo Hoo!)

So, anyway, the challenge is to find neat, inexpensive ideas to liven up our living area without worrying too much about whether or not my investment will become weapons during a slumber party pillow fight. (Yes, I actually shed tears when I had to throw out my $49 blue silk pillows from Pier 1.) Therefore, I made my way through the frozen tundra to Home Goods for some inspiration.

Unexpectedly, I came across a colorful quilt set that would go marvelously with the British Isle theme I’m slowly acquiring through the house. But, I was looking for living room color, not bedroom color! So, I went on looking, but I kept finding my way back to that quilt set.

Finally, the light bulb came on and I decided to bring the set home. The quilt is now fashioned into a lovely cover over the back of the sofa. The shams are fabulous throw pillows accented with a couple of complimentary, solid color pillows. A couple of stylish green topiaries are placed elegantly around the room and…Voila! We have a quick, inexpensive, cozy and comfy update to our living room!

Just know that you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg or strive to make your place look Pottery Barn perfect. We all know those rooms in the magazines don’t look like that unless a photographer is coming! Make your home YOURS!


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