Sir Washington


Sir Washington is a sweet little homestead meant for a hillside surrounded by evergreens. He has an air of the friendly, gentleman neighbor with a freshly pressed suit and cedar accents. One might almost sense a twinkle in his eye when climbing the steps to the entrance.

Inside, the layout is tidy and cozy, remaining comfortable from a starter home to a family home to the empty nest. An open living, dining and kitchen area is the central gathering place. There are a few different options for the kitchen, including a peninsula island instead of the square island that is shown.

A small library nook is tucked in neatly next to the stairs on the first floor, leading to a private study that can also double as a guest room. In the private corner of the first floor, there is a sizable master bedroom that opens up onto a wide back deck that spans much of the length of the house at the rear.

The craftsman style stair leads up to two bedrooms on the second floor, then down to a family room in the basement, adjacent to the “underground” garage.



Sir Washington’s gentle and noble spirit makes him one of my favorites. I hope you agree.

Next week’s feature plan….Ooooklahoma!

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