When I was ten, my family took a road trip from our home in Kansas to a relative’s home in Texas. We drove quite a ways through Oklahoma, but I don’t remember much other than learning the term “tumbleweed” and being really excited when we finally saw the sign “Welcome to Texas”.

Unfortunately, Oklahoma isn’t commonly thought of as an exciting destination. Therefore, for this state’s home design in my portfolio, I wanted to make it a place where a family would find comfort and happiness every time they turn into the driveway.

With that in mind, I remembered an old Victorian house in a neighboring town to where we now live that is painted in many bright, cheery colors. Whenever we drive by it, my daughters will say, “Look! There’s the ice cream house!” It truly does remind us of a big ice cream sundae. So, I took a little of that vision and applied it to Oklahoma’s house design in hopes it would have a little of the same appeal in the midst of a vast, monotone prairie.

Oklahoma Front Elev

With the appeal of a traditional farmhouse, yet updated to fit in today’s neighborhoods, the front view of this home is quite welcoming. I see it as the gathering place for all the kids on the street, with bats and balls and bicycles galore.

For the many sets of feet running in and out, the floor plan is well thought out. The rooms are defined with several points of entry to keep footprints contained and to a minimum during the busy days, then transforming to a cozy respite for more relaxing evenings. The first floor offers everything that’s needed to accommodate a young family without wasting space.

Oklahoma First Floor

The second floor hall feels more spacious with a railing overlooking the stairs below. Off the hall are two generous sized kid bedrooms and a compartmentalized bath to allow for the comfort of multiple users. And a closet for a stackable washer and dryer eliminates the need to heft full laundry baskets up and down the stairs.

The Master Suite has two bays, adding charm to the parents’ private quarters. A light-filled dressing room leads to the master bath with a large steam shower.

Oklahoma Second Floor

For those who like to think ahead and have options, it wouldn’t be difficult to add a room above the garage. Don’t forget the basement for extra storage space and a play area for the kids on rainy days.

Isn’t Oklahoma looking like a great destination now? It is to me!

Next week…..the finer points of Connecticut.

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