Project Management for Homeowners

As the Owner’s Project Manager, I work with homeowners to develop a project plan and then manage the project from beginning to end according to that plan.  A complete project plan includes a detailed project scope, project schedule with work breakdown structure, and a project budget. If you haven’t already, please read my brief post about the Importance of the Project Plan.

When I have been hired as both Designer and Owner’s Project Manager, the complete project process will include the following steps, ideally in this order:

  1. Develop the schematic design
  2. Set budget and schedule limits
  3. Select the contractor(s) to join the team
  4. Develop the construction documents (CDs) with input from all team members
  5. Receive a final cost proposal from the contractor based on the CDs
  6. Sign contracts, apply for building permit
  7. Develop a project schedule/work breakdown structure based on the CDs
  8. Construction begins
  9. Daily management and coordination of project through open communication among all team members
  10. Regular progress updates sent to Owners regarding scope, schedule and budget
  11. Final Inspections
  12. Project Closeout – execute final payments, project photos, performance reviews

I am also available to act as either Designer only or Owner’s Project Manager only on a project, molding to the needs of various clients.

My priorities are to ensure the client is happy and to maintain healthy team relationships.   All of the contractors I recommend share the same philosophies and commitment to the client and to the building team.  We are passionate about the work we do!  In fact, we are The Marblehead Builder’s Consortium.

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